A Kinesiology Tape

ROCKTAPE is a Kinesiology tape engineered with the athlete in mind created in the heat of competition, but can also assist in rehabilitation and injury management. Simply apply ROCKTAPE on the areas of your body that need a little boost and you can go stronger, longer.

ROCKTAPE SEMINARS ** Dunedin seminar just announced September 2019… Earlybird special rate valid through August… We have an international Presenter Hans Lee coming to NZ to conduct the course, don’t miss out!

…..if you have a group of 10 or more in your area that may be interested in hosting/completing a seminar please drop an email and we’ll see if we can accommodate this into our schedule.


Look no further for all your RockTape needs, and remember wwe are not just a Tape company, so do check out our range of products which is always growing

Place your order here now. Individuals or Practitioners…fast, efficient, easy and order it when you need it. Your order will be dispatched within 24 hours. Don’t waste your valuable time on running around town. No fuss, no hassle… the way we like it!