RockTape RockFloss, How does it Work

What is RockFloss, and How does it Work?

RockFloss is a latex band designed for muscle and joint “flossing” before and/or after training, and for post-injury rehabilitation.

RockFloss uses the concept of compression and fascial shearing to help “unstick” stiff or sore muscles and mobilize joints, so everyone from the weekend warriors to elite athletes can move better and with less pain.

So how does it work?

RockFloss can be wrapped firmly around a muscle for a minute or two, to create superficial compression which restricts the superficial tissue movement.  When the body part is then taken through range of movement activities such as open chain or closed chain exercises, the superficial structures are limited in their movement, whereas the deeper muscle layers have to move.  The theory is that this creates a “sliding” or “shearing” effect between the layers, and this is thought to improve the glide between the tissue layers- “ungluing” restricted areas.  Always remove the RockFloss if it becomes uncomfortable, and re-wrap with less tension.

RockFloss can also be used as a temporary support for joints during rehabilitation.  Often following injury, patients can be hesitant to move the joint through their available range of movement due to the fear of pain or feeling of instability.  When wrapped with moderate tension around the joint, the patient can often move through range with more confidence, and then subsequently perform the exercise or movement with lighter wrapping each time, until the RockFloss wrap is no longer required.  This progression can create “neurological safety” for the patient initially, and then be gradually lessened in support and then no longer needed.

RockFloss can also be used, under appropriate professional supervision, as a form of Blood Flow Restriction training.  This method is gaining more popularity in the rehabilitation space with the theory of causing metabolic stress to the muscle under relatively light loads that can have the strengthening effect of much higher loads.  RockFloss should only be used in this way under the supervision and direction of appropriately trained health professionals.

Why RockFloss?

Unlike other floss products, RockFloss is specifically designed to be “tackier,” grabbing skin and underlying tissues, which enhances ease of use and efficacy. RockFloss is made of 100% natural latex, 1.25 millimeters thick and just over 2 metres long, and comes in two widths: 5cm or 10cm.  RockFloss is commonly used on calves, shoulders, knees, wrists, elbows, hips or ankles. The 5cm standard size works best for most applications, and the 10cm roll works best for larger athletes or body parts, like thighs or the torso.  Each roll of RockFloss includes detailed instructions, covering the most common applications.

Not only is RockFloss effective, convenient and reusable, it also works as an amazing complement to RockTape kinesiology tape.  RockFloss can be used in conjunction with taping to augment the effects of RockTape.  Use RockFloss, then tape, or you can use the Floss over existing tape applications.  Either way it can help you to Go Stronger, Longer!

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