About Us

Everyone Has A Story. This Is Ours.

RockTape is a brand of kinesiology tape.  It was created in the USA by Greg Van den Dries in 2009.

Since then, we have continued to develop and add to our range of products to help people move better. When people move better, they tend to move more.  More human movement is our goal.  With the advent of the desk job, smartphone, TV, and computer, people are sitting down more than ever before.  Some Australians sit for more than 8 hours a day, which is longer than many people spend sleeping.  Our bodies weren’t built for that, and it’s starting to take a toll.

We have continued to add to our range of products:

  • 2010 – RockTape
  • 2012 – Topical analgesic – RockSauce
  • 2013 – Protective apparel – Knee Caps and RockGuards
  • 2015 – Mobility products – RockNRollers and RockBalls
  • 2016 – IASTM product – RockBlades

We hope you love the RockTape range of products as much as we do, but if you don’t, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. So what do you have to lose?

RockTape - Kinesiology Tape Instruction