Protective Gear

RockWrist Wraps

RockWrist Wraps are supportive enough to help you with your PR, yet minimal enough that they fade away during a WOD.  The polyester fabric provides 10% stretch and secures with a hook and loop.  

Jason Khalipa Approved

Yes we know we are name dropping.  But when one of the fittest men on earth hands you his designs for the perfect wrist wrap, it’s deserved.

Competition Grade

We don’t mess around with the construction of these wrist wraps.  The strings won’t break and the elastic won’t become brittle.  A small 10% stretch keeps them secure and comfortable.

Wrists Need Support

We’re not saying your wrists are weak – far from it.  But they do need extra support during heavy lifts – especially overhead.  And wrists injuries can stop your training cold.

One Size Fits Most

Length 55 centimetres and width 6.5 centimetres.


Assassin Knee Sleeves

  • Provide joint support during grueling workouts and lifts
  • Protect the knee from abrasions during lunges or obstacle course racing
  • Provide VMO (vastus medialis oblique) support
  • Stay put with a unique organic design, won’t slip down during activity
  • Keep the knee joint warm between exercises
  • May help reduce non-specific knee pain
  • May help improve patella tracking over the knee cap

Assassins can be used in a variety of sports and fitness pursuits, including: weightlifting, high-intensity interval training, obstacle course racing, running, cycling and other functional fitness endeavors.

Assassins are available in sizes extra small through extra large, with two thickness options: 5mm for moderate support and 7mm for maximum support.



New features:

  • Thicker – 5mm of neoprene at the front fused to a compressive lycra sleeve.
  • Zipper entry – a zip at the back makes it easy to get them on and off.
  • Foot stirrup – stays in place during box jumps, climbs and runs.
  • Black on the front and black on the back.

A pair of RockGuards are included in each package.

Sizing Chart:

  • If your calves are < 38 cm in circumference at the widest point and your height is 155cm (5 foot) or less and therefore the length of your leg (tibial tuberosity to the ankle bone is generally 30cm or less) use the small size.
  • If your calves are < 38 cm in circumference at the widest point use the medium size.
  • If your calves are > 38 cm in circumference at the widest point use the large size.
  • Note – they are meant to fit snugly, so if you don’t want a tight fit, be sure to order the larger size.